Flexible Telehealth Physician Opportunity

Full Time

Seeking M.D.s and D.O.s with 2+ years practicing experience as a licensed Physician following completion of a postgraduate medical education residency program and board certified (in one of the following; internal medicine, family medicine, geriatrics, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, pulmonology, nephrology, infectious disease, hematology, allergy & immunology, PM&R) in the following communities:

    • Manhattan
    • Bronx
    • Kings
    • Queens
    • Richmond
    • Long Island
    • Mid Hudson
    • Capital District
    • Western NY State
    • Central New York State
    • Buffalo
    • Syracuse
    • Rochester

Preferred experience would include; working with adult/geriatric population, home health, and working with individuals with physical or developmental disabilities, and knowledge of long term care services and programs.  Extra consideration for Spanish, Russian Haitian-Creole, Chinese, Korean, and/or Bengali speaking Physicians.


Seeking availability of at least three 8-hour days, (five days preferred) out of Mon.-Sat. 

70% Telehealth 30% in Person

This position supports the statewide Independent Practitioner Panel that issues physician orders for individuals who have undergone a Community Health Assessment and are eligible for community based long term care services and supports. The incumbent will review the completed Community Health Assessment tool in the NYS Uniform Assessment system, and complete a Physician’s order. The incumbent will also participate and/or lead an Independent Review Panel to review supporting documentation and provide recommendations on the care plan provided by the Plan or Local Departments of Social Services (LDSS) for consumer’s eligibility of 12+ hours of PCS/CDPAS or 24hrs personal PCS/CDPAS. Incumbent may be required to conduct a medical review video (telehealth) or face-to-face review, as appropriate. Most medical reviews will be completed through video.



1. Responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on consumer assessments on long-term care services.

2. Conduct live and interactive appointments on complex cases and review care plans via telehealth modalities to complete the Practitioner Order or Care Plan review (if needed)

3. Review care plans for individuals in receipt of more than 12 hours of personal care services.

4. Engage in Collaborative Practice Agreement with Physician Assistants at a ratio of 4:1 (PA:MD/DO)

5. Review and sign Practitioner Order completed by collaborating Physician Assistants

6. Resource for the staff for medical review

7. Maintain current knowledge of regulatory changes pertaining to quality and provide evidence-based clinical reviews of cases validity of assessments

8. Assess cases presented and utilize clinical competencies to determine, confirm, and validate the assessment outcomes

9. Work collaboratively to monitor and address clinical quality and gaps in care

10. Provide clinical and educational assistance to support project initiatives

11. Reference appropriate compendia and peer-reviewed medical literature, as necessary

12. Demonstrate communication skills necessary to interpret age-specific responses

13. Participate in performance improvement and quality assurance activities and related meetings

14. Participate in and maintains integrity of the Disputes and Fair Hearing process

15. Provide clinical and educational support to meet program goals

16. Perform other special projects not related to a specific case such as process improvement, general medical research, drafting proposal sections, or acting as a liaison for a specific project, when necessary

17. Meet all standards established for this position as outlined in the corresponding annual performance criteria and bonus template for this position

18. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Medical Director

Competitive Hourly Rates, Flexible Scheduling, All Liability Insurance Covered, 1099 Independent Contractor Role.