Day Hospitalist Physician

Full Time

The hospitalist position includes providing daytime care. Many providers in these positions are drawn to direct care in a community hospital setting, enjoy working closely with PA/NPs and appreciate the higher compensation and lighter shift requirement. Clinical time on the FACT service includes a combination of direct patient care, and collaboration with NP/PA providers.  FACT teams care for a maximum of 15 patients.  NP/PAs provide supervised care for ~6 patients with the attending providing direct care for the remainder. In addition to their FTE, these providers are required to cover one week of back-up call.

Basic details for a 1.0 FTE position

  • Total shifts: 182 per year (plus an additional week of back-up call)
  • Total weekends: a minimum of 11 per year
  • Salary (base plus average RVU bonus): $231,886