Hybrid Hospitalist Physician

Full Time

The Hybrid 1 position includes providing patient care on our direct care, APP-supported, and resident general medicine services during the day and providing direct care on medicine and oncology services overnight.  Many providers in these positions are early career hospitalists seeking to build a career in academic hospital medicine and appreciate the higher compensation and lighter shift load afforded by a higher proportion of nights. Approximately 25-30% of shifts will be daytime shifts with the remainder being nocturnist shifts.  Most daytime shifts will be on FACT and 2 weeks on a resident team.  Night shifts will be direct care. Night shift duties include a mix of cross-cover (30-45 patients) and admissions (average 3-5 admissions/night).

Basic details for a 1.0 FTE position

  • Total shifts: 200 per year (56 day shifts and 144 night shifts)
  • Total weekends: 18 per year
  • Salary (base plus average RVU bonus): $252,270